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Alot of my posts have been about  advances in technology that have enabled journalists to project material quicker and faster. The creation of the Mojo - A mobile journalist is an example of said advancement. According towww.Buzzmachine.com writer, Jeff Jarvis, using a mobile phone to film video and record interviews makes the process a lot easier

I don’t mean easier as in you can fit it into your pocket. The mobile phone, according to Jarvis, is non-threatening and enables the journalist to score interviews more casually and candidly. 

The way technology is advancing today, means that the quality of the image being taken on the mobile phone is and will become alot better and less pixelated, as S. Quinn discusses in his Week 9 Reading.

In terms of video footage being taken, it will depend on the quality of the mobile, but the handy nature of the nifty piece of equipment means that you will be able to record for a length of time and be able to upload your masterpiece onto a computer or send it to someone else. 

If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you may also have the option of selling your footage to a current affairs or news program! 

 Image taken from www.danblank.com

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